The exhibition Intersolar 2017 in Munich


From 31 May to 2 June in Munich Germany, held the 25th anniversary exhibition Intersolar 2017. On the exhibition of their achievements and developments in the alternative energy were presented by companies from different countries of the world: Germany, Spain, South Korea, China, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Canada and others. Their products in the field of solar and wind energy presented such famous companies as Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Huawei, ABB, Siemens, Viessmann, LG, Tesla, SCHMID, Interfloat, Bruker-Spaleck, Fronius, MBJ, Luvata, Schletter and others.

The exhibition was divided into three large sections: the first is manufacturers of equipment, components and materials for PV modules and solar collectors, the second section is manufacturers of fastening systems and installation for photovoltaic modules and the third section is the company that offered systems and solutions for the accumulation and storage of energy.

In the exhibition section "the equipment for accumulation and storage of energy" was presented to the sample capacity from 3 KW to 12 MW, aesthetic design, mobile, which can easily fit in a modern interior. Manufacturers of inverters and controllers, presented a huge number of products: hybrid, on-grid, off-grid and pump inverters. The company's production fastening systems has introduced not only carcass, but solutions with a swivel mechanism, the fastening system with PV solar panels instead of roofs, as well as mechanisms for cleaning solar modules for industrial solar electric stations.


At the booth of our partner - SCHMID Group, was presented a film about the equipment MonTrac, which was first installed at the New-Tek LLC in Kyrgyzstan and is one of the newest developments for automated production lines for PV solar modules.


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