Power increase and a new class of cells


We are in a hurry to please our current and new customers. Starting from the 2nd quarter of 2020, our plant will produce solar modules using new generation cells with 5/6 collector buses, as well as oversized cells. Moreover, the total production capacity of our plant will be about 100 MW of finished products per year.

The use of cells of this class will allow our company to begin production of photovoltaic modules with a capacity of 310-320 W with a complete set of 60 cells and 370-380 W with a complete set of 72 cells. The quality of products, as well as previous modules will be high, in accordance with international standards.

The modernization of the plant is due to the growing demand for industrial plants with capacities from 50 to 100 MW in the target markets.

For modernization, the company purchased new equipment from the German manufacturer Teamtechnik.

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