The official opening of the NEW-TEK LLC factory

In November 2016 NEW-TEK LLC Kyrgyz-German company completed the construction of the plant to produce solar modules in the territory of the FEZ (Free Economic Zone) in Bishkek. Unique plant was built in nine months, and the official opening and launch of the plant took place on the 11th of November 2016. The opening ceremony was attended by officials of Kyrgyzstan and Germany: First Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, President of the SCHMID Group and other guests.
The NEW-TEK LLC factory is equipped with the most advanced automated assembling line of solar modules from the world manufacturer - German SCHMID Group company. The factory is the most modern, the most high-tech enterprise within CIS countries. The equipment allows producing the solar modules of the latest Class A generation with high efficiency and long service life. All products comply certification of German and International standards.
The history of the NEW-TEK LLC Company started in 2015, when partners from Kyrgyzstan and Germany decided to build a plant to produce solar modules of the latest generation. Kyrgyzstan was chosen as strategic geographical location for the plant construction; the country has favorable investment climate and the favorable legislative conditions, including taxes and customs. German Partner is SCHMID Group company, which over 150-year history. SCHMID Group is the largest company in Germany producing the most advanced integrated production lines for PV modules, silicon cell for solar modules and other equipment in solar energy sector. The company develops and produces equipment for the production of high quality polysilicon. SCHMID Group owns specialized production factories in Germany, Turkey, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, and now in Kyrgyzstan.
The factory of the NEW-TEK LLC Company produces the mono and poly crystalline solar modules with high efficiency. For production we use Grade A silicon cells with efficiency not less than 18.5%. We use raw materials and components from certified manufacturers from South Korea, Malaysia and Germany for the solar modules manufacturing. The level of protection of the solar module complies with IP65 standard. Operating temperature varies from -40 to +85 Celsius. Production capacity is about 50 MW per year, which is 320,000m2 of solar panels. New-Tek LLC will supply the products to not only end users, but also companies engaged in the development and installation of solar electrical stations. Most of the production is export oriented to the CIS countries, Europe and the Middle East.


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